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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lansing Center Boat & Fishing Show

Hey everyone, cool breezes here. Now have I got something for you. You will not want to miss this one. Its for the young and old, man and woman, and kids. It is the Lansing Center Boat & Fishing Show. This is going to be on April 11-13, 2008. At the Lansing Center in downtown Lansing. Boaters and fisherman will be able to shop for boats and accessories and all kinds of fishing gear galore. There will be outfitters to book charter fishing trips, fly-ins, cottages in Michigan and Cananda. Family features include the trout pond, the virtual fishing simulator, and alligator show and kids casting lessons.
Now dont this sound like fun. Heck I myself would just like to go into the virtual fishing simulator and finnaly feel like Iv caught a fish.!! Woo Hoo
Now tickets for adults is $8.00 and kids 6-14 is $4.00. 5 and under FREE.
Jim Bedford will be there, he is one of the formost authorities on fishing michigan rivers with spinners.
Bob Brunner will be there, he is in the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame and Guide. Now this guy has some things he can tell all of us to catch fish.
Dan Donarski, know as Mr U.P will be there.He will be on hand to talk about the best fishing opportunities in the U.P.
There are more speakers that will be there, so you need to go for yourself to see them all. Now there is going to be the Hawg tank, a 50 foot long aquarium on wheels. Yikes!!Tank is loaded with fish and they will show you how to catch them.
Now here is what I like. The Shore Lunch fish fry!!! A basket of walleye fillets to eat. Oh man, cant you just taste them. Hope I didnt get any drull on here. Sorry.
Also Antique fishing tackle display. Now this will be fun to see.

So there is going to be tons of things to see and do there. So get out there and let the cool breezes blow as you enjoy this great get away weekend!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cocoa Cottage

Hey Cool Breezes here. Wanted to tell you about a neat little Bed and Breakfast in Whitehall MI. It is called Cocoa Cottage. Beautiful little place to get away for the weekend and not to far from Lake Michigan.It is a 1912 Arts and Craft Bungalow, and has been beautifully redecorated.They offer you a quiet refined character,chocolate indulgences and personal touches that make this experience worth repeating. Larry and Lisa are the inn keepers and make you feel as you are part of the family.
Now the recipes are all made from scratch and with a pinch of Larry and Lisas creativity, that will make you wanting to come back for more. Makes me hungrey just writing about it. But you can either go-go-go or just sit back and relax,and keep that wonderful feeling that you get from the moment you walk in. I mean what more could you ask for, when you walk in and are greeted with wine, cheese and a chocolate rececption, and a hearty breakfast in the morning. So if you get time, check it out and give them a call at, 800-204-7596. You will not be disappointed Im sure.Its in WhiteHall MI.
So with that said, keep the cool breezes blowing.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Travel Tips

Hey guys and Gals, Cool Breezes here. Just thought I would share a couple of travel tips with ya. Lord knows we all can use tips to make traveling easier for sure.
1.A flight attendant gave this tip. Take the tops of your plastic toiletry bottles holding liquids(shampoo,lotion,ect)squeeze the sides,and put the top back on. The bottles wont leak during flight. Cooool!!!
2.When you travel, to protect your ipod, put it inside of a plastic soap dish container. Good idea!!
3.Before taking a road trip, go to for gas prices across the U.S.
4. Now here is one that I thought was weird but guess it works.Nylon stockings are great for removing white deodorant marks on clothes, just slip your hand in one of the legs and rub against the marks untill they disappear. Hum.
5. Now this is cool for you ladies. Drinking straws can keep your necklaces and braclets from tangling in transit.Thread each piece tgrough the straw and secure the clasp, and then you can secure them togeather by putting them inside a toothbrush holder.
6.Bring a frisbee along when you travel for your dog. Its a great toy, and can double for a food dish or water bowl when you make pit stops. Neat!!
So there are a few ideas for ya. Hope you can use them. But for now, keep the cool breezes blowing!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

West Michigan Home & Garden show

Hey everyone Cool Breezes here. This weekend there is a west michigan home and garden show going on at Devos Place in Grand Rapids Michigan. On Feb 28,March 2nd 2008. Now if you like thinking about spring, here you go. There will be over 350 booths there. From home products and services to sprawling gardens that will for sure get you into the mood of spring.There will be tips and tricks for interior designing for you. Toy testing, will be going on also. There will be build a bug workshop for kids too. So if you have nothing on your plate to do this weekend, check it out at the Devos Place and let the cool breezes blow.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lake Michigan at South Haven

Lake Michigan at South Haven
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Oh how I wish it was summer time!!!

Michigan Star Clipper Train

Cool Breezes here, forgot to give the website on the clipper train. Check it out. Looks pretty neat.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Michigan Star Clipper Dinner Train

Hey everyone,Cool Breezes here. You know i found something that I thought might be of interest to you. Its called the Michigan Star Clipper Dinner Train. Now the only thing is that its not on the west side of Michigan. But thought it was of interest anyway to put it on my blog. They are located at 840 North Pontiac Trail,Walled Lake MI, 48390.
(248) 960-9440 info line. This is down near the Detroit area. But this would be a experience of a lifetime for you on one of Americas premiere Dinner trains. You can have a three to five course dinner meal. Whichever you prefer, while being entertained with shows such as " a comedy wedding" or "Murder on the Star Clipper" See if you can figure out who commited the murder!! Or "Who Shot the Sheriff" A country murder, musical!!!
Then there are also different musical shows that you can pick from also. What a time to be had by all that attend. So it is live table side entertainment on your 3 hour ride. You can also book a overnight stay in one of the pullman sleeping cars and enjoy breakfast the next morning in the Kentucky Thoroughbred dinning car before you leave. So if you think this is something you would enjoy for a new experience, give them a call and make a resevation and have a ball.
Dont forget now, let the cool breezes blow.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Travel Tips

Hello,Hello, Cool Breezes here. Thought I would share a few travel tips Iv heard about. Maybe you can use them.
1. Now here is a hidden treasure, before you turn in that disposable camera to get developed, take off the thin cardboard and remove the batteries. You can usually use them again for something if your traveling.
2.You know many pet stores or a walmart usually have machines to engrave your pets name on a small metal disk. Well these tags can also be used to serve as luggage tags. Just engrave your name and phone number on it and pin it inside of the linning of your luggage. Then if it gets lost, you will still have the info on the inside.
3. Now here is a story I heard of and thought I would share. A mans wife had back problems and many airlines dont offer pillows anymore , or there isnt enough to go around. He packed Ziplock double-freezer bags in his carry on. After they were seated he would blow into the bag and close it partially,then blow a little more air in and close it up. Says its real comfy. Try it out and tell me what ya think.
4. Now here is a cool trick to help your kidss ears from popping on the plane.Before takeoff give them a sucker and the decent when you land.The swallowing tends to help relieve presure from building up in there ears. But before you touch down, take the candy away, just to be safe. Sounds like a good idea to me.
5.As your nieces and nephews begin to disgard their plastic, brightly colored music-download gift cards this year. Put a white label with your contact info on the back side and punch a hole at the end and attach it to your luggage as a ID tag. The colorful designs will make your suitcase stand out.
6.Use a empty Tic Tac box to carry a supply of toothpicks in. Its just the right size and closes easily, and then you can always find a toothpick when you need it. Ya Hoo!!
7Use a cork when you pack scissors. Stick the ends into the cork.
Well I hope these will help you if you need to use them. If you have an idea, please leave a comment. Always love to hear from you.
Make sure you get out and let the cool breezes blow into your face!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Cherry Capital Winter Wonderfest

Hello, Cool Breezes here. OK guys and gals, here is a fun time for you this coming weekend. It is the 2nd annaual Cherry Capital Winter Wonderfest!! Ya Hoo!! Its Traverse Citys newest festival!!
It is on February 15-18 -08. Its going to be a family friendly time of fun in the snow country of northern Michigan.
Access to the festival requires a purchase of a $10 button,( kids10 and under are free). But you know whats great about this, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Special Olympics of Michigan.
Im a telling ya there is a lot going on there. Here is a little taste of what you can expect.
Friday, Feb 15 from 4pm to 8pm is going to be the Outdoor Fun Zone. Activities such as ice skating,cross country skiing, snowshoeing, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and Bonfires. All at the Grand Traverse Resort, near the club house, but make sure you bring your button to get in.
Now on Saturday, there is so much going on that I will for sure run out of ink to list it all. But in the morning from 10:00 am to 7:00pm the Outdoor Fun Zone will be going on.
From 10:00am to 5:00pm there will be winter carnival rides.Yep that is what I said. A Ferris Wheel even, if the weather permits. Now can you imagine going up on that baby in the winter. Now there would be some cool breezes blowing there. But this is also near the club house at Grand Traverse.
But I got to tell ya, there is a lot going on there, so check out this web site, and look up events. It will give you the times of everything thats going on.
So if you want to have a great time with the family and listen to live music, and eat like youve never ate before, check it out. Get out there and let the Cool Breezes blow by!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nubs Nob

Hey everybody,cool breezes here.You know Im trying to mix things up here on my blog. Trying to give you a little taste of everything. Like bass fishing,trout fishing, links to Disney. Amazon, you know a little of everything. I have looked at a lot of blogs and they are pretty much strightlined in one direction. So I hope you dont mind,I just want to mix it up a bit.
Man I dont know how I got on that. But I found a neat little place called Nubs Nob. Now how do you like that name.But if you like the winter and I know a lot of you do, here is a place you can go for skiing. Its in Harbor Springs MI. But you might want to make it a point to visit Nubs Nob. They have been know to have the best snow around and have earned the distinction of being family-friendly mountain resort.
Now the mountain is fairly simple with an elvation of 1,338 feet and a vertical drop of 427 feet. That scares me already cause I cant But they have 43 trails with 8 chair lifts. Now I understand that they brag about having the top skiing and snowboarding school in the country.
Now just because they offer beginners programs, dont be fooled, the expert skiers will be challenged as they glid down the sloops. Now they have night skiing as well. Now I cant ski in the daylight, let alone the
But they have a general store where you can get gloves,hats, neck braces, oops I mean neck warmers, or even have someone to fix your skis.
But all this talk has made me hungary. You can go to the cafeteria and have breakfast or lunch or both!!
You can visit Nubs Winter Garden for grilled burgers. The Pintail Peak Warming hut found at the top of the Black Lift, offers homemade soups, sandwiches, and views that will just knock your socks off.
But the living is easy at Nubs Nob, so you can ski now and snowboard later or board now and ski later. What ever you little heart desires. Check this place out and see what you think.
Im going to try and add a little video, cause if your like me, its always nice to see it instead of just trying to picture it in your head. So get out there and let the cool breezes blow.